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An experienced debt attorney is often needed to fight back against lawsuits filed by state and county collection lawyers because it is so closely related to the FDCPA. Often times, we find that these state and county collection lawyers do not comply with the FDCPA prior to filing these types of lawsuits. For example, they sometimes sue on a debt that is past the statute of limitations for collection enforcement. Their hope is that the consumer will not respond to the summons and/or lawsuit, which allow them to get a default judgment on a debt that was never legally enforceable in the first place. It’s time to protect yourself and your rights.

If you received a summons on a past-alleged best, or you find yourself in a similar situation, contact one of our debt attorneys to learn more about your rights and to see how we can help.

We are also very weary of the deceptive trade practices that many companies employ, which are in direct violation of the Florida Consumer Rights Statute and the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. Our goal is to correct problems related to these protective statutes and also provide all clients with the piece of mind that comes with the successful enforcement and protection of all Consumer Rights legislation.


It's time to protect your rights with an experienced attorney, not a paralegal.

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